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    Default CNC Troubleshooting Courseware

    I've been tasked to coordinate a CNC Troubleshooting module for a Industrial Maintenance Mechanic Apprenticeship. Can any one recommend courseware or curriculum for this?

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    You might check tooling u, to see if any of their offered courses could be used in your application.

    Are you talking just the control side, or the whole machine?

    If the whole, I would start with the lubrication systems, as the majority of mechanical problems can be traced back to this overlooked area.(I am finding this out!)

    By having these systems properly maintained, you uncover other problems at the same time.

    When fixing a mechanical problem, this would be an effective use of the apprentices time, not washing dirty parts!

    Just a few thoughts to think about...


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    philserveng Guest


    log on to the IETB website (UK) and you may find course work curriculum that may suit your needs. as a former 5 year apprentice, my own training started with the basics and concluded with a Bsc eng; please email me if you need further advise.

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