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Thread: Rotary table integration

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    Default Rotary table integration

    I just finished installation a a rotary table on my VMC.My control is a fanuc 18i and and my motors are also alpha i. All seem to work great, the positionning are perfect, the speed is good for a 16" rotary (14 RPM).My problem is when i'm at A0 and i call G0 A180. it took 3-4 degrees to reach it's full speed of 5000 degrees/min and it's nice for me but if i call G1 A180. F3000. ,the rotary start really slow to reach it's speed at about 90 deg.and decelerate for the other 90 deg. Unthinkable to do 4axis simultaneous! All the A axis have brand new material(motor,drive and cables. I cheked for the accel/decel parameters and motors parameters, all values look like the other axis and i think it's my problem...some value probably need to be really different because its a rotation axis...
    when i use jog or the manual hanwheel all is good it accelerate instantly.
    Or if someone can give me his parameter file for a 4 axis VMC with fanuc 18i-mb for compare them to mines

    Any help will be really appreciated

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    Default Re: Rotary table integration

    It sounds like an acceleration deceleration parameter just needs to be tweaked. It could also be a load inertia parameter as well which also controls acc/dec. The load inertia parameter if I remember correctly the lower the number the faster it accelerates, but don't quote me on this.

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