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Thread: How to set up the system parameter?

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    Default How to set up the system parameter?

    Hi!I have a problem about my used Mitsubishi MCC M-V40A, Meldas M0 control, parameter is completely gone accidentally but I have its parameter from the ex-owner from Japan. I try to input the parameter all of it but almost done except the system parameter where it is? I still can't key for this stuff, so the machine doesn't the axis!!! And I also have one problem about Japanese language...Anyway,guys who know what can I do, pls let me know I'm so appreciate for help....Thank you.


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    Default Re: How to set up the system parameter?

    To enter machine parametrs Mit M0:

    ALM/DGN hard key
    Page FWD key 5 times to get soft key P6 sequence I/F

    Then H(1001) Data (1) Mode (M))

    Pressing parameter key will now display Machine parameter soft keys.

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