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Thread: Using CNC differently

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    Default Using CNC differently

    Hey everyone.
    I'm new in CNC world.
    At school we have a CNC from Heiz the model 'High-Z S-1000/T'

    I'l like to set a photo-camera on it instead of milling or drilling id like to program it to take many pictures of different flat objects.

    Does anyone allready try this ? Do you think it is possible ?

    I would need to automate the machine to cover the whole object by moving as a grid maker (with or without overlap area it depends of the precision) and that on each position the camera take a picture and export it on the computer with the X and Y coordonate.

    Could anyone help me or advise me ? Is it possible ? Are there topics or site that could help me ?



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    Default Re: Using CNC differently

    Interesting problem.

    I have no clue about the specific model of CNC you listed as far as what it can do. However, moving the camera and snapping a picture should not be a problem on most CNC's. To snap the picture use one of the m-code outputs to push the camera button. The real trick will be getting the CNC to output the location of each picture. Some CNC,s can output data on the programing port, which might work. The other option might be to run the CNC in DNC mode which is where a PC inputs commands to the CNC as the CNC runs them. Then the PC would know where the CNC is when the picture is taken and down loaded to the PC, then the PC would tell the CNC to move to the next position and take the next picture.

    Good luck with the project.

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