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    I have a system we have just upgraded that has 3 ABB IRB Robots. I need to write new programs, but don't have any PC software to connect or edit/write programs (modules). I also have a Motoman MRC for which I have the software to save/upload programs. Does anyone have any info about ABB's?

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    It looks like the software is available for download at this site -

    Software Subscription is included with products based on Annual Fee and offered separately
    for products based on perpetual licenses.

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    Not sure if anyone else is having the same problem but I couldn’t get enough power until I used an AE-MDL-DualusDC chip. The chip allows you to get 1A RMS, 2A peak, per H Bridge and its really small. Both sides of the chip allow you to control the power and control signals. If you need to solder your own wires on it has SMT pads as well. There are some really cheap ones for sale at, you can get it fully assembled or just the bare chip.

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