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Thread: Broken tool message

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    Default Broken tool message

    I have center Hitachi HG400III by Fanuc-15MB control
    When I make choice M6T2, this message appears.
    All other tools are changing normally.
    This is used center and I purchased it not so long time ago.
    Please, tell me what chapter in Programm Manual or Maintenance Manual
    I need to read to correct this error.
    I have tool measure option (Omron) in my center.

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    Default Re: Broken tool message

    I am not sure if this is going to be in your tool table/life on the PMC side or if it is macro driven. This machine was probably using a tool detection and it thinks that the tool you are calling is broken.

    Is there a prefix or suffix to the alarm you are seeing on the screen? Like PS or any other kind of letters or numbers? If you can once you get the alarm and before you press reset go back to the program and see what line of code it is on when the alarm occurred.

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