Hello there,

I recently upgraded the new memory , after installing the from board , I am getting system label error.

Any help?

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Ouch…no backup. It is going to be difficult to get this machine running. You probably don’t want to hear it but always have a backup of the control especially when you are going to change batteries.

Your best option at this point is going to be to try calling Mori Seiki and giving them the serial number and hope they have an original copy. Another longshot is to call Fanuc and give them the serial number off the control and they may have a copy. Another stretch is to look in the power cabinet and see if you have any onion paper that has the original copy of the machine put there by the MTB for cases like this but they have a tendency to disappear.

Other then the above you need to find someone with the same make model machine and control to try and get a copy of the parameters and PMC data. The hard part to that is working out the options that may or may not be in your machine that was in the copy. The CNC parameters and programs can be loaded via RS232. The PMC data will have to be entered by hand.

I wish I had better news for you. If you get a backup I can walk you thru the procedure to restating the machine via IPL mode and then entering in all the data.