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Thread: 15-m ge fanuc series control

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    Default 15-m ge fanuc series control

    Hi there I am getting a sv003 B ABNORMAL current in servo also there is a alarm 8 on the b-Axis drive. whats the steps to take and how is the proper way to check the fanuc motor.

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    Default Re: 15-m ge fanuc series control

    SV003 abnormal current usually shows up when a greater-than-usual load is being detected on the axis mechanism, it can be caused by demanding very heavy cuts, lack of lubrication on the slideways, etc.

    But it can also appear due to a problem on the axis servodrive, servomotor, wiring, etc.

    Try to see if there is a red led ON at the corresponding servodrive's pcb at the moment the SV003 shows up, write down the letters next to it and explain here that and the model of your drive, H003 for instance.

    EDIT: I just noticed that you mentioned a number 8 on the drive, can you upload the Fanuc number of your drive? I was hoping you had some alarm abbreviation like LV, HV, HC or TG, but you seem to have a newer drive model from the one I was thinking of.
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    Default Re: 15-m ge fanuc series control

    I have been getting these same errors for some time now. What we typically do is just replace the card and it works. But this is starting to get annoying. I would like to get to the bottom of this. It happened again today and the red light on the board came on. It has HC next to it. We have a heian nc-432p cnc router. This only happens on our Y and V axis. Never the X or Z axis. We have had electricians come out and check the power and the boards but still nothing. Everything seems to check out. Any help would be much appreciated.

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