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Thread: Fanuc om Alarm 911 parity high error

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    Default Fanuc om Alarm 911 parity high error

    Hello all,
    I have a Takisawa mac-v2e, VMC. Running Fanuc om control, Early to mid 80's (I would guess)
    The thing sat for a few weeks, when I powered up I got that 911 alarm, so I replaced the batteries, Now I can't get it to do anything, it still shows that alarm, but that is all, I can not go to the parameter screen or mdi,...Nothing.
    Can anybody help me with this, Also I don't have the 9000 series param's for this machine, can someone tell me where I might acquire some that would work in this machine,....Would Parameters from a mac-v3 with Om controls work?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Fanuc om Alarm 911 parity high error

    First start with trying to just format the program memory. If that does not work you will probably have to format everything. Once you can change screens you will know you have formatted the memory that is corrupt.

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