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Thread: Okuma LC50 lathe B-turret has trouble indexing

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    Default Okuma LC50 lathe B-turret has trouble indexing

    The Okuma LC50 lathe next to my machine doesn't change tools on the B-turret very well. It will rotate most of the way but we have to pull on it to move it the last inch or two to get it rotated far enough for it to lock in place. Our maintence people don't know how to fix it, we had another machine that was having the same problem and they said it was fixed by turning up the air pressure for that turret but noone in maintence remember's how it was done. I'd like to know how to boost the power to that turret so it rotates properly if it can be done fairly simply.

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    Did you ever fix this? It could be the hydraulic motor is going bad but before going that far I would remove the turret disk from the turret body and try indexing it. It could be the star rope ( or o-ring) between the disk and body is bound up.

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    If you have not fixed this yet try removing the toolholders and see if this helps it could be a balance problem. Most of these lathes used a hyd motor to run the turret. There should be a flow control on the upper side it may look like a flat blade screw head with a lock down nut or it may be on the sol.valve block. There should be two, one for turret rotation speed and the other for clamp/unclamp.

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    this is a big heavy turret, and i also think the hydraulic motor is a fault. during my time as an okuma service engineer i had this problem a couple of times and a new motor fixed it, but only on smaller machines.

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