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    Hello everyone,
    I'm hoping that someone out there has had some experience in this area. I have acquired a Bridgeport Series 1 Mill with Southwestern Industries Prototrax Plus controller. The comtroller has RS-232 port and a communication cable. I believe that the previous owner used Mastercam as there CAD/CAm software program. I have gotten pretty good with all of the basic functions and can mill simple parts by writing programs straight to the controller. I don't know G-codes very well, as I'm not a machinist by trade. I have just made parts for myself and all of my
    projects. When it comes to the more complex parts, I have had some trouble writing them to the controller and it is too time consuming.

    I would like to get some type of a CAD/CAM program that I could design the part and write it to another computer at my shop, then transfer to my Prototrax controller. I have taken a short course on Mastercam but believe it would be well out of my price range. The program needs to be fairly economical and user friendly to use. I would like to to be on 2 computers and be able to transfer files on a USB thumb drive. It needs to be compatible with Windows XP and comminucation has to be through a RS-232 cable.
    What progams has anybody had experience with and which programs would you recommend for my application?

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    Smile Re: CAD/CAM Software OneCNC

    You can try for OneCNC Software. I do not have prices, but is very very simple to use. They have uploaded many videos on the internet. Hence training is not an issue. see for details.

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    I have used Bobcad for the past 15 years, we program 3 and 4 axis machines with it. I have never paid more than $400 for the latest version of Bobcad. eventually you will learn g-code(which is very easy). most of what you will do with that machine is profile/mill,do a manual tool change then maybe drill some holes. most all the softwares have post processors to configure the code to your machine(language). good luck, bury your head in it and you will figure it out.

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    MasterCam is what we use. Started with 8.0 now X5. (10-12 years now). A lot parts from clients come just as Iges or Step file with no PDFor hard copy. So MasterCam is a must for my shop.
    G-code being hard is a myth. Its a memory issue for a lot of guys. Most jobs are just drilling or small pokets. Once you do it a few times it will stay with you. If your machine has memory or you have to store off-line, make yourself up some cheat programs.
    Simple spot &drill. Spot , drill & tap. Quick shell milling of surface. This way you just pull it up and change a couple lines and then your back to work.

    ** Just remeber to enjoy yourself at what you do. **

    If the chip don't glow your going to slow!

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