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Thread: How To Introduce Youself by using a "New Thread"

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    Default How To Introduce Youself by using a "New Thread"

    First off welcome to the group.

    This is the "Introduce Yourself" section of the forum. Please use this section of the forum to say hello and share your experience by starting a "New Thread" and NOT by clicking on "Post Reply" here in this thread.

    If you have a technical question please find the appropriate section of the forum to post your question. As an example if you have a technical repair question you will want to select the "Machine Repair & Troubleshooting" section of the forum and create a "New Thread" detailing your problem. If you have a question related to programming then you may select the "Programming / Applications" section of the forum and start a "New Thread"

    Here is the link that will display "all" of the areas of the forum. Click the one that best fits your problem of machine/repair on through to specific control models or machine tool builders (MTB).

    This helps keep the forum cleaner and easier for people to scan the forum and help in the areas that they can.

    Here is a link to the FAQ and rules to posting.

    Welcome and happy chip making.

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