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Thread: HAAS CNC TM-1 tool changer problem

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    Default HAAS CNC TM-1 tool changer problem

    Hello everyone, I just signed up on this site and I have a problem. I am running a HAAS CNC Toolroom Mill (model TM-1). The tool will not release to replace it in the carousel. It will unclamp manually but not automatically. I thought the fingers were not letting go so the head wouldn't raise, but it does the same thing even with no tool in the spindle, and gives me a "tool clamp fault" warning on my controller screen. Any ideas??
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    Default Re: HAAS CNC TM-1 tool changer problem

    I suspect the carousel is out of alignment with the tool change position (height)
    Or the M19 spindle orient is off. Check the tool change position first.
    Good Luck!

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