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Thread: ID Chucking Brass with No Marks

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    Default ID Chucking Brass with No Marks

    Hey Guys.
    I have a Brass Casting that needs to be turned on both faces and the OD. The ID is approximately 4" (has a 1 degree draft angle though).
    I was going to just use an ID chuck (with steps so I can do the back face), but have been told that no chucking marks are allowed (which makes no sense since its a crappy cast finish anyways). I know that if I chuck this internally we will be getting marks, at least with any jaws that I can think of. The cast tolerance is also to large for any decent fitting mandrill.
    I have a sample here and I cannot even figure out how it was made (no witness marks anywhere).
    If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.

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    Default Re: ID Chucking Brass with No Marks

    If it is just a cast finish then I assume that there is not a very tight tolerance involving runout from the bore to the od. I would either use some plastic shim stock to put on the faces of the jaws. You could experiment using soft jaws to see if they leave a mark.

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