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Thread: Best tool for roughing aluminum

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    Default Best tool for roughing aluminum

    I'm roughing 6061-T6 alum bar(3/4" X 2"X8") in high production. I have been using a 3/4" 4 flute Tin coated em mfg by Strasman PN 85-510. I'm running at 60 inches/min at .120 depth. Does anybody have suggestions on another brand or style of cutter?

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    I've long been an advocate of Weldon Ski-Carb For Aluminum for this application.

    For a 3/4" SkiCarb, they recommend .008 inches per tooth feedrate, at the highest RPM your machine is capable of. With that in mind though, be aware that you may actually be feeding in RAPID mode, and your spindle had better have some serious horsepower!

    Most spindles actually lose HP at very high RPM though, so you may have to cut back a bit to avoid bogging it down. If HP is available to 50,000 RPM, you could be getting the job done at rates of 800 inches per minute. Wow!

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    Yes streakers or ski carbs are great endmills for aluminum with a hi helix flute that pulls the chips up. BUT......................2-3 FLTE ENDMILLS WORK BETTER THAN 4 BECAUSE OF CHIP EVACUATION. IF YOU HAVE SPINDLE WITH 6000-10000 PLUS RPM GO WITH A 2 FLUTE. 6000 OR LESS GO WITH A 3 FLUTE. EMCO, HANITA, SGS, MOST BRANDS ARE SUFFICIENT.

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    Jabro 2 flute alum. e-mlls which is a seco company. ON a dmg 50t and 100t, had spindle rpm of 12000 I was able to remove material at 200 to 300 ipm. If higher rpm is possible without losing hp and torque (K factor) higher removal rates are deffinetly acheivable.

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