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Thread: M2 emergency stop

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    I have a 85 mazak VQC 20/50B with a M2 control. It went down yesterday on another shift, so im walking in blind on it. Theres a 20 nmi emergency stop alarm on. I checked all three of the stops, even check to make sure they arnt sticking...still on... the door switches are fine and i have full power coming into the machine. theres no fuses bad or brakers tripped. there is 2 lights on, on the spindle drive. #1 phase sequence, and #10 zero speed. Eveything boots up fine just wont release the alarm for some reason.

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    Check the 24vdc power supplies with a meter and make sure nothing is drawing them down. If you can read the electical print find the estop string and check voltages throughout the string as all estops, hard overtravels and such would be in series most likely. Also if there is any chance the conveyor or coolant tank was pulled out or cleaned this many times causes pinched cables and such to.

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    Any other alarms on the diagnostic page?

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