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Thread: Hooking up the machine

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    Default Hooking up the machine

    We are fairly new to the CNC industry and just purchased a Haas VF2 cnc machine. We had it delivered with a phase converter, but with no directions/instructions on how to set it up. Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: Hooking up the machine

    you better hire a real electrician. If you spent the money for the machine I would make sure the electric is right. your looking @ 150.00 to 200.00
    With that phase converter you’re going to see that electric bill go up a bit.


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    Default Re: Hooking up the machine

    Where are you located? Did the Haas come with an insertable Zip drive or any CD's? No manuals at all?
    Look on the inside of the electrical panel at the rear of the machine. It will give your electrician all the information he needs to wire this machine correctly with the correct voltages. Do you have someone there with the knowledge to pull up the canned cycles from the computer? Do you have all of the tooling to do the parts you are going to manufacture? If not, I have quite a few names of some very competent CNC programmers who can assist you. They can be available to train operators and such.
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