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Thread: Hardinge tallent chuck active problem

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    Default Hardinge tallent chuck active problem

    i got problem on starting machine to work, shows error on fanuc alarm "1010 CHUCK ACTIVE OVER TIME" its clamping and unclamping but i think there is no signal in what possition OPEN or CLOSED it is where to check some sensors or or links maybe couse i cant find them?

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    Default Re: Hardinge tallent chuck active problem

    Morning,I have checked our prints and I show a sub and main spindle. Ok, for the sub: CR3 is for chuck open, sol 7a. CR4 is for chuck close, sol 7b..

    Main spindle:CR5 is for the collet/chuck open,sol 1A.. CR6 is for the collect/chuck close, sol 1B..

    For the sub: CR3 goes to Y1027.1 chuck open.
    CR4 goes to Y1027.2 chuck close.

    For the main: CR5 goes to Y80.2 chuck open
    CR6 goes to Y80.3 chuck close.

    For the sub: PS2 pressure switch X1010.0 chuck open
    PS3 pressure switch X1010.1 chuck close.

    For the main: PS4 pressure switch X16.0 chuck open
    Ps5 pressure switch X16.1 chuck close.

    For the sub : footpedal X1010.2 chuck open
    footpedal X1010.3 chuck close.

    For the main: footpedal X14.3 chuck open
    footpedal X14.4 chuck close.

    Do you get the chuck open/close lights. The lights are Y1027.3 sub chuck open
    Y1027.4 sub chuck close.

    Y52.2 main open
    Y52.3 main close

    You may have a problem with the input/output boards.
    If you follow this it might help.
    Please let me know.

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