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    Question Select machines

    I want buy some machines for my work shop but i don't know what kind if machine is better and is more suitable for my job.

    I make injection mold.
    I want use high feed rate machining(high efficiency machining).
    I write in below some detail of my machining specification on two method :

    First method:
    1- rough machining a 26"×28" mold base made of P-20 steel (28 to 32 HRC),
    machining time 4 hours,Payment programmed the trochoidal tool path in CAM software,

    Solid carbide 16-dim cutter-5 Flute End mill
    Spindle speed :6000 RPM
    Feed rate : 6000 MM/MIN
    radial Wide Of Cut: 1.3 MM
    Axis Depth Of Cut :33.7MM

    second method:

    2- Pocket roughing of 4140PH material
    Tool: 25-dia End mill
    Spindle speed: 3400 RPM
    Depth of cut: 1 MM
    Wide of cut: 19mm
    Feed rate: 5200 MM/Min

    please tell me what kind of below machines is the best for my job? Please advise me by classification?


    Also please tell me what wind of machines is better for these tow method(Box way -Liner way-ball way-high speed machines)?
    Attention please that i want use this machine for several years by this method.
    Does i need two machine for roughing and finishing or not?
    I will be happy more if you help me by your information about your machines and your method to below address :

    Thank you
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