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Thread: Fanue 11M drip feeding

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    Default Fanue 11M drip feeding

    I have a hugh program that I would like to run using the drip feed method. After trial and error, I have been able to send this to the machine without getting "buffer overflow" message, however, to overcome the overflow I had to reduce the baud rate from original 1200 to 300. Now it will feed , but the machine stutters as each line is read. Any suggestions as to a fix? I can't upgrade the capacity because there still would not be enough space. Anyway, any help or suggestion would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Fanue 11M drip feeding

    This is a pretty common problem on the 10,11,12 series control. These controls can only accept 10 characters in the buffer unlike other controls that can accept 16. This can be fixed by adjusting your FIFO buffers on your PC.

    Go into your controlpanel/system/devicemanager/ports then select the com port you are using, select properties, port settings, advanced. Turn your buffers all the way down.

    Hope this works. If not let us know.

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    Default Re: Fanue 11M drip feeding

    Some years ago i wrote a software 0 char over transfer when met XOFF code.

    FANUC 10,11,12 some times over 3 chars should be alarm.

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