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    My name is Bill and I live in Maryland (U.S.A) I am new to cnc machining only have a few years exsperience I use to work on AcmeGridlly automatic screw machines and chuckers for nearly 18 years as I still help out with some of the problems my coworkers have but my main responsibility are in one of our cnc departments and I am learning new things every day I took a 4 year aprentice course and got my journymans papers as a machinist
    I am in charge of eight cnc lathes I have two HYUNDAI'S (one has a barloader) ,an ACE, three DOOSAN'S (one is a Gantry Loader and one has a bar loader) and the latest is two HITACHI SEIKI vertical lathes
    I have in the past year learned how to use SMART CAM for programing (this has helped me alot in programing)
    On these machines we run parts from 1/4" NPT to 4" NPT threads 1/2" NPSM to 5" NPSM threads we run parts out of pipe and solid barstock, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron and brass
    I joined the forum to learn even more about cnc machining and so far I like reading how someone has a problem and some of the responces they get from more exsperienced machinist and I am sure I can use some help from time to time

    We have two HITACHI SEIKI CS20 Vertical lathes with Seicos 21L and when we purchased these machines we are limited on some information as they did not have all the books I found they do not have much room for memory and on one machine I have figured out how to load and unload programs in the card reader beside the screen now I can delete programs for space and reload them as needed the other machine will not read the card is there certain steps or procedure to start this up do I have to go into the parameters and if so what numbers do I need to change to start this up
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