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Thread: Problem with Plasma Cutting Machine

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    Default Problem with Plasma Cutting Machine

    Hello All,
    My problem is with a Koike Aronson Plate-Pro 2500 it only happens some times. It will be cutting fine then all of a sudden it will take off in a diffrent diriction or just stop but all the controls tell me its still working fine I called the manufacture and they tried to help we went throught all kinds of prosesures and they said it should be working fine HELP!!


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    hey joe,

    i understand what you're going through. i myself had a hard time with a plasma cutter that i had about a year ago. all in all i gave up in the long run but i did look up with a company that knows what they're doing by the name of EZCUT. they're some great guys that i would suggest to anyone. check them out man

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