We have a Studer S-20 cylindrical grinder that is showing a RAM Parity Error 912.
Upon reading several postings on Google, it seems that there is some discrepancy in regards to this problem being related directly to the RAM option board PCB, to the Fanuc's Main Board PCB (which we replaced already and still shows the same problem) or even a shared low memory situation with one or both of the AXIS option cards. I was not able to find an especific reason related to the 16-GC controller.
During the investigation process, we also pbserved that the Lithium Battery is completelly dead, so it is feasible that we would also need to re-oad this grinders parameters after the controller is back up and running...
Does anyone have any of those parameters available, including the process to manually reload them?

Thank you so much for any help on this problem.

Kind Regards, Robinson