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Thread: Spindle stalling problem

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    Default Spindle stalling problem

    Has anyone had or know of a solution to this problem?

    Mitsubihi 520m Control, Mits Drives, Mits Spindle motor,

    when machining inconel 625 .075 doc 70 rpm 4. ipm 20 horse spindle motor no gear box when the inserts break down the spindle will only go to about 60% then the motor stalls and the table continues to move no Alarms etc. Just broken inserts when doing this manually in jog mode if you reverse the axis movement the spindle will turn again.

    We checked param and everything seems good from what we have wrote in
    Thanks in advance

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    Have you checked motor leads to ground yet and checked all wire connections going from the drive to the motor?? also if there is contactors for forward and reverse you could maybe swap them. This would proove if there is a bad contact that may be causing a slight single phase on the motor. You could also check this with an ohm meter by pushing in the contactor and checking across each phase with the power off. But this will not always show the problem. Not sure on that particular control but since there is no alarms there must not be any feed back sensor to let the drive no the motor has been stalled.
    Good luck

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    We replaced the spindle drive the problem has not came up since

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    hi bill...

    can u write for me what is you spindle drive type and mode.
    I am in looking for Yaskawa Varispeed 505 MT Type CDMR-MR-15K
    its use on mits controller to...

    MEEC ( Machinery Electronic Engineery Club )
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    include cnc and robot machine.
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