Hello i have a Nakamura tome TMC20 lathe with a fanuc 0ta control. I replaced the motherboard and resurected the machine. I have a full set of parameters. I also have a maintenence book for the Fanuc control. The problem i have is the oiler is non adjustable you have to control it from the control timers and i cannot gain acess to these. On this control the timer parameters i believe are located at 300 and above in the diagnostics settings. the problem is the book I have only covers parameters not diagnostic settings as the Fanuc support has informed me the diagnostic/ timer settings are configured by the customer so i only have the sheet and no way to tell which user diagnostic parameter sets the timer. So far I have not been able to alter 5 minutes off and 30 seconds on and it is pumping way to much oil. I have tried.

So I type this hoping somebody has had this problem or has the service book that covers these user diagnostic parameters. I am willing to pay a copying fee to anybody that can help me. Thank you