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Thread: HELP!! Yasnac/Yaskawa PC NC Problems

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    Default HELP!! Yasnac/Yaskawa PC NC Problems

    Hello all, Just got this machine up and running, it's a Mighty USA Mustang with a Yasnac PC NC control. Machine was sitting for a while and seems to have lost some memory possibly because of the battery losing juice but we are not sure. Anyway, we are having 2 main issues with it and need to get these resolved! Thanks in advance for any assistance!

    #1)1st problem is regarding the initial zero/home reference of the machine upon startup. If any of the x, y or z axis switches are in the negative direction of the reference stops the machine will home fine. However, if the machine was last set in home position upon shutdown, and it is started up and homed it will overtravel in these axis. All machines I have ever used incorporate a negative move first then a positive move in case the machine is in between the reference stop and hard stop, is it possible to make the machine do a negative move first in order to get in front of the stops? This would eliminate any overtravel problems.

    #2)2nd problem is regarding the workpiece Z position display when running a program, making it impossible to run a program safely. We didn't have this problem before we moved the machine. When running a program, after the work offset, such as G54, is called up along with the tool height, such as G43 H1, the workpiece Z position is never correct. It is way off and seems to be reflecting the tool height number relative to machine zero. We have tried changing it under the offsets page while not running and it doesn't help the problem. Is there a parameter to correct this number or is it possible I am doing something wrong in the program?

    Once again thanks in advance.....

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    Default Re: HELP!! Yasnac/Yaskawa PC NC Problems

    Problem #1:
    You are so lucky that you worked on machines that went in the minus direction first and the homed
    Actually, almost every older machine will overtravel if you don' move it away from home first. Its part of the machine Home routine and is put in by the machine builder.
    Teach your guy this with all machines:
    Start up, go to handwheel or jog(handwheel is safer if you have it), Move all axis away from home, on a lathe Z- and X toward center.
    Home the machine.
    This will work on all machines and in the long run it eliminates a lot of hassles fixing up overtravels.
    Problem 2:
    There is a parameter to show Z absolute, I hope someone can tell you what it is. Why yours disappeared is one of the CNC mysteries.
    You need to post the exact model of control you have for someone to help you.
    So you do not run into the part on the way down: Use the distance to go that shows in the Position screen, if you use that to be safe, your people should never hit anything(unless you are inside a part boring and can't see where you are going.
    Good luck: Heinz.

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    Default Re: HELP!! Yasnac/Yaskawa PC NC Problems

    1)Really? I'm suprised, I've run a few different older machines and they all reversed when homed but I believe you. This machine is a 2001 so it isn't that old but I guess we'll just have to get in the habit like you mentioned if its not an option.
    2)There has to be a parameter (I hope) because running a program solely on DTG is ridiculous but yea it may have to work for now. As far as the model, I knew I'd be asked that. I do not see any additional numbers/letters on the control or my factory manuals, I believe PC NC is the actual model, it runs on Windows NT ad is touchscreen. Sound familiar to anyone? Thanks

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    Default Re: HELP!! Yasnac/Yaskawa PC NC Problems

    Did you find what the problem is?

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