Hello People,

Problems with Haas SL 30 THE. During acceleration of the rotary chuck the error 123 (error in the spindle is caused by under or over voltage of the drive motor), the Haas service to my people agree that the mistake was to be found in the vector controller, the controller would not repaired but replaced.
It is a Vector 40/30 HP, Series 2005, in the order from Belgium is 93-69-1010, but is no longer blocked and replaced by a new model.
The error occurs even if we are a gear by hand: 600 / Umin, respectively to 10%, then the drive switches off whenever the switch star-delta connection to the engine. Sun has given us a Haas advised engineers to replace this relay board beside the engine again, we have made but without success. As Haas engineers have always been different opinions, was the IGBT inverse S0T227B replaced at the top of the map. This serves to reduce, in conjunction with a very strong resistance to the peaks. Has brought nothing. Then we have the
large resistance (on top of the machine) surveyed, 5.7 Ohm, should be like him. Sometimes, the drive also switches from the brake.
Exchanged on the encoder motor ....... to no avail.
Or it may lie on the spindle motor? I am quite desperate.

Thanks (Sorry for bad english)