This CNC Mill has a 24" x 24" bed. It has an all ballscrew drive system. It has a stationary head, with a moving table. It has an adapted bridgeport quill and motor for metal and a watercooled spindle for wood and other materials. It is an excellent machine that does everything down to 1/2 a thousandth.... I love it. But I just don't use it anymore. It also has a 4th axis that I've never used as I never upgraded my software but I saw it in use before I purchased it. I bought it for 16k I'd take a hit down to 10k. Its in Rhinebeck right now. Comes ready to go, with VFD, Tslot fixtures, collets, chuck, zero block, computer and even a desk, I am selling a dust collector on the side.... and a compressor (the head has pneumatic assist). Happy to send more info.... It breaks into 3 pieces and fits in the back of a pickup. I'll include the engine lift I purchased to take it apart and put it together safely.

It is a prototypers dream. It is perfectly ridged and can do pretty much anything. I've cut metal, wood and plastic.

Moving soon and wife says I can't take it with me if I'm not using it hahaha. Not going to give my baby away for less than it's worth... But lets talk.