I am a total newbie in CNC turning.
I am working on my very first workpiece (actually a nylon piece) which is a metal spinning mould of a deep frypan.

Since the shape is very simple, I found the contour turning example from the 828D manual (i.e., using cycle952 with contour) would be a good option for me.
I chose contour parallel (dovetailing) option for the cycle952 instead of longitudinal and followed the manual for all other settings.

The simulation works fine. I get the shape I want.
However, the real cycle just crashes right off the bat.
It goes to the first point (X300 Z50), which I hard-coded, and then crushes into the workpiece at rapid traverse speed.

I suspect that I've done something wrong with the hectic zero-settings.
Actually I do not understand those settings 100%. I just followed the manual.
I did Set W0, Workpiece Zero, and Tool Measurement. (hopefully in the right way)

I do not have any idea what I did wrong.
Is there a common mistake that a beginner makes? Or does anything sound wrong in my description?
Any input is welcome.

Thank you.