We are about to receive a Morbidelli N100 CNC from SCM Group. The machine itself (the computer) comes with Xilog Maestro installed already, and will also be added to the office computer. This is our first CNC, so this is also our first time setting anything like this up. Previously we have been using CV (Cabinet Vision) for the 3D drawings, shop plans, and cut lists. We want to continue using CV to do those things.

What is the best way for us to set this up? Do we need to get another key for CV for the new computer? Can we import cut lists from CV to Maestro? Yes, we are very new when it comes to this, so any advice would be appreciated. We do know we need CAD software (CV) and we also need CAM (S2M, Maestro?). But do we need something else also? I keep reading about post-processors.

Really a general sequence of events from starting a job to the CNC cutting it would be very helpful.