I'm trying to learn how to use sub-spindle as tailstock on my Hyundai Wia L2600SY lathe with fanuc 0i control.
Now i have a live center on the sub side chuck and used for the B-axis movement:

G0 G54 B-480.
G1 G98 B-497.8 F200.

The problem is that the machine won't allow to change tool if the B-axis is not fully retracted to reference point so i have to move b-axis back to home position in every tool change.
Even in manual jog use the machine alarms if i try to rotate turret when the b-axis is even 0.1mm from the home position.
I'm using G30 reference point for tool change which i have set closer to main spindle.

Is there a parameter to allow rotate turret when b-axis is not in reference point?