hello Everyone,

im currently trying to get a Northwood 125 CNC router up and running again. it is ran on GE Fanuc Basic Operation package 1 software and a Saftronics VG5 AC Drive. i got the spindle to run in jog mode off the drives external remote but once i try to run off the main control screen with a m-code or program the spindle just oscillates back and fourth. im getting good meter readings and proper voltage off motor leads while it is running in jog but once i try to turn on motor with m-code it is only sending out around 10 volts to the spindle motor. it would not run at all when i first started to fix the machine and i got it running by changing some of the settings on the drives external remote, now it runs perfect in jog. i was thinking it could just be more setting (parameter) problems but not 100% sure. any info or help on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance