Hello all,

I have a 1986 Shizuoka B-5V 4 axis mill that I have been operating for about 12 years. It is equipped with a Fanuc 11M control. The machine has been rock solid reliable except for a few tool changer issues.

Recently it started having issues powering up. First problem was I could not zero out all 4 axis. It never threw a trouble code. The control would get confused and select the wrong axis during zero setting. This happened for a number of power ups until the CRT would not even come on when I hit the power on button. Most of the panel lights would light up and the coolant pump would turn on when I hit the power on button. Picture attached below.

I began by checking fuses and found 2 blown 5 amp fuses on the tape reader. I replaced the fuses and the new ones blew immediately on power up. I have never used the tape reader and I suspect these fuses could have been blown when I purchased the machine. I disconnected the tape reader power and ribbon cables and tried to power up again. No difference.

Next I confirmed that the motherboard was getting power. I then replaced the motherboard which did not correct the problem. Next I replaced the CRT/MDI board in the control box. This also did not fix the problem.


Does anyone know a good Fanuc repair guy near southeast Pennsylvania?



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