I'll start by saying that I'm a complete newbie when it comes to this, but I'm considered the engineering guy that can make things happen, so I've been blessed/cursed with this challenge.

We have a Amada punch that currently uses a Fanuc Amadan-04P-C controller, which is tied to a PC over RS-232. Currently, we are sending programs (macros is how I understood it) through this PC to the Amada, and then the magic happens. We are now wanting to expand our programs, and one challenge we are having is that we are running out of memory on this controller. So one thought that came to mind from my other RS-232 experiences is, could we trickle/drip down data to this controller instead of uploading a complete program in one go? What I'm ultimately trying to get to is, if we can avoid replacing the controller and instead with the help of a PC upload segments of G code (I think this is what it is) over RS-232, then we solve our memory problem and just keep trickle/drip feeding data in to this thing.

Is the idea crazy or impossible?