I am new here, so if this is the wrong thread to post on I apologize.
Now, I have a Victor 1212 CNC router and it came bundled with a program "VIC Engraver Control System V 5.4.48" which is pretty much NC Studio (not sure why it has a different name).
A couple of weeks ago we bought the wireless controller WHB 02 to use it with the router but so far I have been unsuccesful in making it work.
I install the drivers and according to the instructions, the driver icon on the task bar will remain greyed out until I load NC Studio, at that point it will change the color to red.
But so far I have loaded NC Studio and it is still greyed out.
I am thinking now it might be an incompatibility issue with my "NC Studio" because the txt file that came with the drivers says that it supports "NC Studio version 8.214 and 5.453" but I am not sure which version is older.
Anyone had the same issue or know what might be the problem?
Also, if anyone know where I can get a newer version of NC Studio please do tell, I tried contacting weihong (the manufacturer of the PC card) and so far no answer.
Thank you