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Thread: CNC Lathe CMZ TBI 480 A with FANUC 0-T NC error SU-01 0 didn't start. Please Help !

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    Default CNC Lathe CMZ TBI 480 A with FANUC 0-T NC error SU-01 0 didn't start. Please Help !

    Dear Colleagues,

    I have an old CMZ TBI 480-A lathe with FANUC 0-T control board. The lathe was received due to several week from now and these days have tried to switch on for the first time. Unfortunately when attempt to start it error SU-01 occurs on the NC control board - means spindle drive alarm. By information of the previous owner, machine was working properly to the last moment. The machine was disconnected from the power supply from in the begining of January and I receive it on 10 of Februaru almost 1 month.
    The machine is powered by a three phase transformer which convert 3 phase 380 volts into three phase 220 volt / 50Hz. When switch on the main switch the ventilators start and on the 4 digit display on the NC control board lights up message SO-01 for about 2 seconds and than start blinking message SU-01 ( the alarm I mention above). The control board in front of the machine, (operator control board where is the CRT display) nothing is light up. When I switch th "ON" button on these board, the machine try to switch on the contactor for hydraulic unit, but couldn't hold the switch on state and switch off immediately. When looking on the NC board in the back in this condition lights up one red LED on the one of the control modules (see on the uploaded video and pictures). After this nothing happens. When I push the OFF button on the Operator panel, the RED LED on NC board switch OFF. More or less that's all. The CRT display and front Operator control panel is like a "dead".
    Please help to solve this problem. As I said the previous owner confirm that the machine was working at to the last moment!.
    Please Help !
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