Hello all first time poster hope you can help.

I have been trying to use high speed machining methods on a older vf2. the machine is good for 10,000 rpm, but I cant feed much more than 120 inches per minute without alot of jerk and stutter.

I am cutting 48hrc H13, and I use HSM Advisor to get my speeds and feeds. Parameters follow

Endmill, Garr 4 flute Squar Tialn 3/8" 1" Flute
Speed 7000rpm
feed 115 ipm
step over 8%
depth 1x.
cut style : plunge into open through hole, dynamic mill paths mastercam. g187 p2 e.01

I am cutting pockets and I only get about 20 minutes of tool life out of an endmill which is only 2 pockets. (pockets are 2"x1.5" x .750 deep) So, not a lot of material moved. and the tool is on the hot side of warm after a couple minutes cutting, so I think its rubbing.

I think maybe I need to increase speed to activate the coating. 7000rpm is about 700sfm, but is that hot enough? iirc i need to get up to 1200-1600 sfm right? I also think I should take a heavier cut, but I am feed limited at 120ipm, so should i increase stepover, to say 12%? is there a minimum chipload to make sure your not rubbing?

I would love to hear how you guys would make this cut. How long would you guys expect this endmill to last in 48HRC material?