Calling all Fanuc Gurus,

The machine ran fine all day Thursday, shut down happy, and when powered on, on Friday Morning, I got the dreaded message on my screen:

"Graphic is Ready, Waiting Serial Bus is Ready, Serial Bus is ready, Boot Start"

Reading the manual, and many other forum posts, I decided my best chance for a quick repair was to replace the Main C card, so I bought a backup Main-C board with daughter cards, and was able to boot to the IPL screen once after the first install of the new card. Unfortunately, the 2nd boot was worse, and by the third boot with the new card, I was in the same place, and now I have two Main C cards that won't boot. I now believe my problem is elsewhere.

I've created and a PDF with lots of pics and descriptions that chronicles the repair effort to date. I tried to attach it to this post, but it was too large for the Forum's attachment limit, so I'll try to share it via this link:

I've already missed a week of work trying to troubleshoot and I'm ready to call in an expert/guru. Who do you all recommend? Any other things I should try? Should I call Fanuc directly? Many folks who I've known to have done that in past told me its a waste of time. Anyone have a different experience?

If if could find a local Fanuc expert in the Southern / Central California region, that would be even better. I'm located in Tehachapi, CA