My name is Billy and I live in Homestead Florida. I am a old guy, retired, and trying to learn CNC machining.

I am very new to CNC. I have two machines I am trying to learn to operate. I want to develop a standard safe process to cut every part and all necessary setups.
One, a Sherline mill with 9" of X travel running Mach3. ( The Sherline has no home switch and many other limitations.
Two, a Eagle mill with 54" of X travel running Fagor control software. ( The Eagle has most everything except an encoder on the spindle, manual spindle speed control)

I like metalworking in general and have some limited experience in manual machining and welding.

I am learning G Code which has not been to difficult.

I do not have a clear idea in my head of the process from start to finish at this point.

I came here in hopes you guys could point me in the proper direction and answer the typical "new guy" questions.