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Thread: Young 20-something discovered a passion for fabrication and would like some guidance

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    Default Young 20-something discovered a passion for fabrication and would like some guidance

    Good day everyone!

    I understand the nature of this forum as a “professional atmosphere,” and I don’t wish to sully it by posting where I shouldn’t be. However, I’m hoping
    that any error on my part might be overlooked for the fact that I’m eager to learn and who better to ask than professionals?

    I recently purchased a Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D printer, and so far my primary use has been practical creations: I made a new spatula handle for
    my aunt using Fusion 360 to name just one project. And it was like a light came on; it was as though I had remembered a long-forgotten childhood desire, and
    I've been thinking about all the possibilities of what Icould make, or what I could improve.

    A friend of mine purchased a German engine for his American car and fabricated all the parts necessary to install it correctly, and that just made me
    so excited!

    Things like plastic molding, resin casting, CNC machining, laser cutting, these sorts of things make me so incredibly happy but I don’t know how to proceed.
    I found that I have a real passion for making things, and I want more -I want to *do* more things like this!But I have no clue where I would start.
    I was hoping to start by looking for jobs in my area, but I’m unsure what I would look for.

    I apologize if I’m vague, but that’s the level of my experience at this point. I would very much appreciate someone to point me in the right direction, possibly
    give me a lead on what to study? Anything that might help me clarify what it is that I’m trying to pursue.


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