Hello there,

I am completely new to CNC machines. I just bought a 1989. Traub TNS 30/42 with 3 revolvers and driven tools. I have 2 issues with it.

1) The chuck won't turn because it says the collet isn't closed. But it physically IS closed, and the bar sits tightly in it. The sensor for that glows green when the collet is open, and turns green/yellow when it closes. So, the sensor reacts. But I am not getting the status light on the front of the machine which should light up as an indicator that the collet is closed, nor will the chuck turn and I am getting an error.

2) The revolver No1 won't rotate it's head in either direction. Revolver No2 is ok, revolver No3 is ok, but the first one won't rotate the head to switch tools manually. Any ideas what it could be?

Thank you in advance, I would really appreciate any input on these matters.