I am trying to cut a tapered v-groove along a cylinder. For the sake of argument it does not have to be on a cylinder. It could be on a rectangular block as well. I have tried many ways of 2D pocketing, slot, engraving, 2D conturing, and 2D adaptive clearing. The problem is simple but the solution is eluding me.

I have a 4 axis cnc that I built and can run pretty confidently. I do most of my designing in SolidWorks and I use Fusion 360 for my emulator and post processing. My machine uses Mach 3. below is a link to a video doing exactly what I want my machine to do. My setup is very similar. The 90 degree v-grooving bit is an edging bit for routers.


In this video you can see that the cylinder is not offset. The tool moves inward at the desired tapered angle (about 3 degrees) cutting the length then exiting and moving in about 100/1000's for each pass until the desired depth is achieved.

Short of writing the G-code by hand does anyone have a solution to my troubles. I appreciate your help.