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Thread: FAUNC O-MATE For Rs-232

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    Default FAUNC O-MATE For Rs-232

    Hi all,
    I have a waterjet cutting machine which was made in Japan, the control system is FAUNC O-MATE, which has a very long history (made in 1998). Due to my wrong operation, some of the parameter was lost. Now it was restarted by recovering the system and the linking IO with external hardware. But I have a very tough problem, my PC and RS232 of the machine cannot get communicated, and the NC procedure cannot be transferred to the FAUNC system, and the machine cannot work anymore. By checking information of FAUNC Series 0/00/0-Mate B-61404/08 (P394), this machine can support 4 kinds of external memory: FAUNC Handy File, FAUNC Floppy Cassette, FAUNC FA Card, FAUNC PPR, and the corresponding manual instruction are B-61834,B-66040,B-61274,B-58584. I need you help on the setting of parameter.Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: FAUNC O-MATE For Rs-232

    May be reason of the absence data transfer on channel RS232 faulty one of driver/receiver of interfaces. They often burn if absences of the galvanic uncoupling between devices. Under fault-free communication cable and correct installation on side NC and PC no reasons for absence data transfer. If you need find manuals B-61834,B-66040,B-61274,B-58584 that I try one of their find.

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