Hi All

I have an SCM running Xilog Plus.
The story so far .....

The hard drive crashed :-(
I have removed hard drive and used my hard drive reader to try and recover and information from in to no avail.
No problem as I have the programmes saved on my memory stick.
We have inserted another hard drive into the machine, which has a partition on it.
This means we have to use D: instead of C: and changed the look up locations to run. Not a problem so far.
We have re-installed the Xilog Plus software, unfortunately our back up disc would not work so we installed a seven version newer program. 1.11.17 - 1.11.24 I think without checking at work.
We have calibrated the machine and done a machine based program which works fine.
When we go to load all the programs I have saved from our previous runs, they won't work !
The first fault is the programs error on our unloader, so when I remove PUNLOADKVA we get a bit further.
The programs start to run but the drills and router hover over the board around 100mm.
Even though we have set everything up fine on the new m/c based program.
I would guess there is an offset that I am missing that must have been in the m/c for our old programs to run without any problem.

Here's hoping that someone out there has had this problem before or who knows how to fix please

Many Thanks