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    Default CNC Programming

    Hi all.
    I am wanting to learn cnc programing. Totaly new to it. Can anybody let me know a good place to start? I think there are different types of code writing but know nothing about them or which is out of date. Also looking to buy a small bench top cnc lathe, somthing like the EMCO compact 5 CNC, would this be a good choice?
    Thanks for any help


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    Default Re: CNC Programming

    Click on the link and take a look at Heinz's post and you will see a link to his website. I have heard many good things about his trainning. Check it out to see if it is helpful.


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    Default Re: CNC Programming

    As far as the Emco CNC lathes, they have a lot of different models.
    Some are out and out teaching machines not meant at all for production and some are very advanced, auto load with fast rapids and turret indexes.
    So really look them over before you make a decision.
    As far as learning to write CNC lathe programs, look at all the lathe examples on my website, you will get a real good idea on how to program many typical lathe examples.
    Here is one of them:

    Face-Turn lathe Part(Fanuc 0T, also most other compatible controls.)
    Part is 2" OD, will be finish faced with OD skin cut taken.
    O2001(Program number)
    N1G50S2500(The G50 sets up safe max speed.)
    N2T0101(Tool index to position 1, use tool offset 1 to set tool and to change part size.)
    N3 G96S650M3(G96 is Constant Surface Feet, S is amount, M3 is spindle on CW.)
    N4G0X2.1Z0(Rapid to above OD and face of part.)
    N5G1X.5F.006(Face to .500 at a feed of .006 per rev.
    N6G0X2.0Z.1(Rapid to 2" diam. and clear part on way up.)
    N7G1Z-1.0F.001(Cut left at F.001.)
    N8G0X6.0Z6.0(Rapid to clear for loading new part, newer controls do not need tool offset cancellation.)
    N9M30( Ends program, resets memory to start.)
    Usually coolant is used, M8 is on, M9 is off.

    Heinz, [url=

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    nilesh lakhe Guest

    Default Re: CNC Programming

    We are required cnc programing to be centralized & programe backup system to save as a control copy for perticular component.
    I want to know where & how i get this system.

    Nilesh lakhe.
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