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    We have a M-25 MH with a Fanuc MF-M8 control. The machine was relocated to our site from a sister plant. It has been set up by Mori Seiki but now we are getting an error code on startup -EX1951 Mega Indexer unit alarm. I cannot find reference to this as well we cannot get the B axis unit to rotate or be recognized. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

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    Just a couple thoughts. Looks like you have a one of a kind Mori machine. I have never seen a M-25. But I assume it has an indexer/B-axis of some sort for one of the axis that your having a problem on. Look at the Fanuc drive and see if there is any alarm codes on any of them. This will point you in the direction if there is a fanuc alarm involved. If there is not then its just a builder mori alarm.

    If its just a Mori alarm, try performing a M11 in MDI before zero returning or try M10 then see if you can move axes.

    Was any cables to the B-axis disconnected for shipping? are there batteries mounted on the drive itself that could have gone low and causing to loose home.
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    this machine B-axis made by NSK. Observe the alarm status on NSK MegaIndexer Driver unit. You may want to check your air supply pressure to the unit.

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