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Thread: cutting speed and feed

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    Question cutting speed and feed

    what is meaning of cutting speed (m/min) and feed (mm/r). Please give proper answer.


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    Default Re: cutting speed and feed

    Check out this web page it may help you some

    What is the definition of chip load?

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    Default Re: cutting speed and feed

    I assume you are speaking of definitions on a lathe?? The feed answer would be the same but the speed will be different when comparing to a machining center.

    The speed m/min means meters per minute. If programming in inch it would be feet per minute. Spindle speed will vary depending if you are using constant surface speed. This will increase or decrease the spindle speed based on position of the tool. IOW the smaller the diameter the more the speed will increase; the larger the diameter the more the speed will decrease. This is so you maintain the SF you desire across the whole part.

    Feed mm/r means millimeters per revolution. You can program this or you can use mm/min which is millimeters per minute. Most commonly used is mm/min. If programming mm/r this will feed the part based on the spindle speed. If you program F.1 when using mm/r it will feed .1mm per every revolution of the spindle. If you do the same in mm/min it will feed .1mm every minute.


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