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Thread: fanuc backup procedure problem

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    carloscollazo Guest

    Default fanuc backup procedure problem

    I'm a computer programmer.

    My client wants me to backup all of his Parameters to the PC.

    I followed the instructions posted here but am having problem with step 3:

    "3. Press the (System Hard) key."

    I cannot find the (System Hard) key anywhere on the Control or the software.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    And if anyone needs help with the wiring to PC or anything on networking DNC systems I can help.

    /* Carlos Collazo */


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    Guest Guest


    What is the control model? Typically there is a button labled "System".

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    carloscollazo Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by P sevin
    What is the control model? Typically there is a button labled "System".
    The control is a Fanuc O-T, but I don't know the lathe model

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    The System key is one of the Mode keys, there are 8. Sytem is the one on the left of the second row.

    When you select any of these keys, the mode changes along with the screen display. You should be able to see the status of which mode you're in via some text along the top line of the screen display.

    I'm nowhere near a 0T contol right now, otherwise I could give you the sequence of keystrokes to download the parameters. You should be able to figure it out once you get to looking at the parameters. By using the rightmost "extend" (arrow right) key, you might see a softkey appear for "ALL I/O".

    Best of luck, it shouldn't be too hard.

    Edit: Sorry I gave misinformation above! I was picturing in my mind a 16Ti control. The 0T & 0Ti have only 4 mode keys, but all (on the hardinge lathes I'm working on) are clearly marked in plain language; "SYSTEM", for instance, is labeled just like that.

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    What brand of machine is it? Some of the Fanuc controlled machines not built in the US have symbol keys rather than plain english. The system key may have a symbol on it that looks like a square setting on its point with the left hand point missing.

    I do have some pictures somewhere that I can email you if you need them.
    Cody Stamper

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    EDM_Fixer Guest


    maybe its the parameter write switch on the mother board ?

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