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Thread: Mori Seiki ball screw repair

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    Default Mori Seiki ball screw repair

    To All;
    I have a Mori Seiki SL35B lathe with a Fanuc Moric T6F control. The X axis has box ways and I need to replace the ball screw end bearings. Does anyone have a procedure that explains the removal, bearing installation and method to re-install ball screw back into the machine. Our manuals show very little on this subject.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Mori Seiki ball screw repair

    This may help get you started:

    Good Luck.


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    Default Re: Mori Seiki ball screw repair

    That is an oldie so not sure of the exact config, but I will try to get you on the right path.

    1. Block up the turret some how so it will not fall off when the screw is removed. Sometimes there are bolt holes on end of ways that you can bolt a plate to then place a block in the way area against the plate. Make the block the right height to get at both the bearing block on the bottom as well as anything on top.

    2. Look at the prints and determine which end has 3 bearings on it. This is the captured side. This side should be both the last side to disassemble and first to tighten the nut when reassembling. If there is not enough room to get at everything you need you may remove or loosen the bearing block with two bearings then handwheel the axis with only the one 3 bearing block attached. You MUST know which block is the right one to do this it will not work if you have the wrong one. Usually it’s the block closest to the motor.

    3. Once the axis is blocked up remove the external brake either between the motor or on the top end of the ballscrew. NOTICE how it is put together and the spacing.

    4. Remove both bearing blocks and taper pins if they have them and replace if they have a line on them where it shifted the pin over from a crash.

    5. Preferably remove the ballnut screws attached to the turret or at a minimum loosen. This enables the nut to float and guarantee you are stretching and tightening the nuts for the bearings ok.

    6. Reinstall bearings the same way you removed them!!

    7. Tighten block with three bearings first. Till nut sounds tight and bottomed out. The nut should go on smooth and lock up tight quickly. If it doesn't find out why? Clean the threads, check for burrs.

    8. Tighten block with two bearings. This one will get tight but every tap you might get a little more. This one you are stretching the screw. Tap till stops moving with average size hammer. Again make sure the nut rotates smoothly first before setting bearings.

    9. Tighten or attach ballnut to Screw

    10. Reinstall Brake, pulley and motor. Make sure you keep going around with the bolts multiple times when tightening couplings and pulleys. Do not crank tight, little at a time till tight.

    This should get you going though there are some details I am sure missing. Most Mori seiki Machines you usually do not need to grind any spacers. Though it is a good idea to measure to make sure there is some crush on the bearings in for the capture block side.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Mori Seiki ball screw repair

    We can help with your Ballscrew if you get stuck. We repair Many of them with a 1 year in-service warranty. Call K+S at 888-844-4847 and ask for Tony Rogers

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