After Custom CNC machining, the workpiece must be tested accordingly. When testing, we must not only know the testing standard of CNC machining, but also what are the common inspections for CNC machining.
What are the common tools used inspections for machining?
1.Tooth gauge

The tooth gauge is used to experience the quality of the thread. It is made according to the national standard. It has external and internal threads. The external thread is understood as a screw to check the standard of the nut. The internal thread can be used as the standard for testing the screw.
2. GO and NO-GO gauge

The GO and NO-GO gauge is a standard for checking the inner hole. Generally, there are two, one is a go gauge, and the other is a no-go gauge.
Just like a metal rod, go gauge must pass the hole and no-go gauge must fail to enter. Anyone of the two errors indicates that the product size is unqualified.

3. Vernier caliper

Vernier caliper is a testing tool for measuring length, inner and outer diameter, and depth. The vernier caliper consists of a main ruler and a vernier attached to the main ruler.
The main ruler is usually in millimeters, while the cursor has 10, 20 or 50 compartments. According to the different compartments, the vernier caliper can be divided into a ten-degree vernier caliper, a twenty-degree vernier caliper, and a fifty-degree vernier caliper. The cursor has 9mm for 10 divisions, 19mm for 20 divisions, and 49mm for 50 divisions.
The vernier caliper has two movable jaws on the main ruler and the vernier, the inner measuring claw and the outer measuring claw. The inner measuring claw is usually used to measure the inner diameter, and the outer measuring claw is usually used to measure the length and the outer diameter.

4. Micrometer

The micrometer is used to check the external inspection, inner diameter and depth as the vernier caliper, but it is relatively simple.
Each size must be purchased with a different micrometer, such as an outer diameter micrometer, an inner diameter micrometer, a micrometer more precise than a vernier caliper, accurate to 0.01 mm

5. Height meter

The altimeter is used to measure the depth dimension of the product, such as the size from one end face to the other. The height gauge measures more accurately than the vernier caliper and can be accurate to 0.001 mm.
The above five are commonly used inspection tools in Dongguan machining. These inspection tools must be calibrated before use to ensure the accuracy of machined workpieces.
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